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Chart of Water Use

The following Table Of Water Use can help you determine how much water your family uses each day, and how much water you could save by replacing old appliances and fixtures and adopting some water wise habits: ... [ view full Tips]

Dirty Water

It is a rare event when discolored water appears at your home or work, but it does happen. There can be many reasons, but discolored water usually originates in the water distribution system or private plumbing systems. There are several possible situations that can cause discoloration and the most probable of these are listed below along with the steps you can take to deal with a temporary problem. ... [ view full Tips]

Indoor Audit

You can easily perform a self-audit of your home by checking for leaks, and identifying opportunities to save water. You will need to visually check all water sources in your house looking for obvious problems such as a dripping faucet or moisture under the sinks. ... [ view full Tips]

Monthly Water Tips

July -- If you have an automatic sprinkler system, consider installing a rainfall or soil moisture sensor. Rainfall sensors prevent your system from watering in the rain, while soil moisture sensors allow watering only when the soil beneath the surface really needs it. ... [ view full Tips]

Outdoor Audit

Over 50% of the annual water consumption a residential customer uses goes to sustaining the landscape. Performing an audit of your sprinkler system, and fine-tuning its performance can save water. A good rule-of-thumb is to thoroughly check your system in the spring when you first turn it on, and also perform a quick check after every mowing. ... [ view full Tips]

Practices for Businesses

Educate employees, contractors, and any other user in your facility about the importance of water conservation. ... [ view full Tips]


Post a permanent sign on all the entrances to your restaurant stating that, due to the drought, you serve water only on the customer's request. Willows Water can provide one of these signs. ... [ view full Tips]

Swimming Pools

Cover the pool when not in use to control evaporation and save energy from heat loss. Up to 95% of water loss from evaporation can be saved through the use of a pool cover when the pool is not in use ... [ view full Tips]

Tree Care April - September

Tree Care April - September ... [ view full Tips]


It is time to winterize your sprinkler system and to insulate the in-house pipes that were exposed to cool air. During the day when the outside temperature drops below the freezing point, you may choose to allow a very slow drip at the exposed faucets to prevent the pipes from being frozen. ... [ view full Tips]