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Resolution - Denver Water Board

The Denver water system is a remarkable asset that currently serves the needs of over 1 million people within and outside of the City and County of Denver. Over the last several years, we have experienced extraordinary variability in weather and precipitation patterns - including in 2002 the driest single year we have ever experienced. ... [ view full Restrictions]

Water Guidelines

The current water use program allows customers to water lawns up to three days per week, but not between the hours of 10 am and 6 pm on any given day. ... [ view full Restrictions]

Water is too Precious

Water is a renewable resource, however, in the semi-arid Rocky Mountain region preservation of water resources is extremely important. ... [ view full Restrictions]

Water Waste Enforcement

Willows Drought Monitors and field personnel will be on patrol around the clock, seven days per week. ... [ view full Restrictions]