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Willows Water District was organized by decree of the Arapahoe County District Court on January 8, 1974. Willows' service area includes a three and a half square mile area within Arapahoe County, which is primarily residential, with several moderate sized commercial centers to serve the needs of local consumers.

May contain: person, human, vehicle, and transportation

The District is a quasi-municipal corporation, a political subdivision of the State of Colorado, and is governed and operated in accordance with the Colorado Special Districts Act.

Willows delivers potable water to approximately 6,000 homes and businesses. About 20,000 consumers depend on Willows to supply them with safe, reliable and plentiful water resources.

Willows History
At the time Willows was organized, Denver's suburbs were experiencing unparalleled growth. In fact, the influx of new residents established Arapahoe County as one of the nation's fastest growing population centers for a number of years.

Denver city water was not available. Willows had to develop its groundwater availability, and in the process, established a state-of-the-art water supply system. Willows, guided by skilled engineers, hydrologists and legal counsels, began acquiring and developing rights to groundwater sources in the aquifers of the Denver Basin. When the area grew, Willows was able to expand its original four-well system into deeper and more productive aquifers to ensure the availability of potable water. As new homes were built, Willows' revenue base expanded to allow the District to construct an extensive system of water mains, reservoirs, wells, and a booster station to supply the area.

The residential areas in the District are almost built to completion. Less than one percent of the land is available for building and the District has very few unallocated taps. Willows' role now is to maintain its water system in prime operating condition while assuring its customers of reliable, cost-effective long-term supplies.